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SC2.no TG12 Qualifier #1

  • 75 Spieler
  • Double Elimination
  • Game not specified

Tournament started! Post an announcement to share updates to your community.


Winner bracket: Bo1 (Bo3 from Ro16)
Loser bracket: Bo1


Top 4 qualify, finals are not to be played. 


  • Players are expected to read the rules before each qualifier as they may change.
  • Admins always has the last saying on any issue.

  • Only approved casters and admins are allowed as observers in game.
  • You are allowed to stream your own games. We advise you to stream with a 5 minute delay.

  • It is prohibited to use any hacks, exploits, external game-enchaning third-party software or alike to get an advantage over your oponent during the game.
  • 15 minute walkover.
  • Always save your replays.

  • If you have a complaint, it  has to be acknowledged by an admin before the next match starts.
  • If your opponent drops out before 5 minutes ingame, it will be a regame. After 5 minutes, the player with a commanding lead will win. If there is a dispute contact an admin and have the regarding match’s replay at hand.

  • Players will veto in each set until there is 1 map remaining for Bo1 or 3 maps remaining in a Bo3. Lowest seeded player vetoes first map, highest followes. Each taking turn vetoing a map. In a best of 3, the highest seeded player will choose starting map. Loser picks next map from the maps not vetoed earlier.

  • If you manage to win an invite, address an admin to with your contact information.
  • NB! An invite does not grant you free entry to TG12. A Pro-gaming pass is required. Everything is covered in the invitatiton-material that you will recieve.

  • Admins will be on irc-channel #sc2.tour @ quakenet and will have operator status.

Map pool:

  • GSL_Antiga Shipyard
  • GSL_Bel’Shir Beach (Winter)
  • GSL_Daybreak
  • GSL_Metropolis
  • ESL Entombed Valley
  • Cloud Kingdom LE
  • Tal’darim Altar L

Kjartan (B.Net: Kjartan.155), Lions\Kjartan @ Quakenet
Gauda @ Quakenet (B.net: NHCGauda.808)

Approved casters:

  • GLHoppeh
  • Kjartan
  • Rogerrus

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